Empowering Global Financial Autonomy

The AET Foundation is an independent organization dedicated to supporting the AET community and its visionary projects.

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We are committed to building a stronger, more decentralized economic ecosystem through our robust public blockchain infrastructure.

To provide greater economic sovereignty, and establish a fair, transparent, and sustainable global financial framework.


Our Vision is to Pioneer the Global Revolution in Fiat Digitization

Advancing the widespread adoption of the AET chain, propelling global financial autonomy and fostering innovation in the world of decentralized finance.

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AET is purpose built to...

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Enable decentralized finance

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Ensure real-time, secure transactions

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Safeguard and validate data integrity

Our Partners

AET's collaborators have been thoughtfully chosen for their shared philosophies and the expertise they contribute to the network.

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Asia Currency Unit

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BNB Chain

AET Enterprise

AET World

Our dynamic consortium.

AET Foundation

Shape tomorrow's finance.

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